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Distinguished leadership of the hospital:


Thank you for reading my busy written down for an enthusiastic college students to open a door of hope, I believe I will not let you disappointed.

Jinzhou Medical College, I was a clinical department of the undergraduate students about to graduate, in your time of the Nazi Zhaoxian hospital, given the solid foundation of medical knowledge and proficiency in the operation of technology, the excellent social work skills and strong ability to self-improve, I have confidence in their clinical competence to work soon. Therefore, I wish to apply special to your hospital.

Four-year clinical study of theory, I created a rigorous learning attitude, rigorous way of thinking, cultivate good study habits, in Affiliated Hospital of Shanxi Medical University, First People's Hospital of Yangquan city-level hospitals, such as three types of internships. One year work experience in clinical practice more to improve my analysis of the issue of problem-solving abilities. Especially in the teaching hospital during the internship gave me hands-on experience provides many opportunities that enable me to various sections of clinical diseases can make the correct diagnosis and best treatment. Strong sense of responsibility, a strong interest in learning, hands-ability, the ability to receive fast, and can complete the outstanding tasks, I won the acclaim of superior physicians, but also gives me confidence, my future work life "capital."

Rich experience in social work not only broaden my horizons, more calm and I formed a determination, enthusiasm and efficient work style. In elementary, middle and high school, has been in various stages of the university, I served as squad leader, study members, such as literary and artistic members, successfully organized numerous activities outside the school class, students work the recognition and praise teachers, my many of the class was named "best class", I have repeatedly won the "outstanding komsomolets", "active work" and other honorary titles. I believe that these work experience, I will certainly be able to coordinate the relationship between the work of handling the day-to-day problems.

Self-learning capability is another advantage of me. Medical science and technology with each passing day, the only constant "upgrade" their own knowledge to fierce competition in an invincible position. While studying at the school through the computer I primary and secondary examinations, the National College English Test 4, can master the Windows98, Windows2000, WindowsXP operating system, and the use of self-Office, Photoshop, FoxPro, FrontPage and other software for graphic processing, form design , Page Creator, etc., for future work, study, improve efficiency and create a good condition.

Through five years of study and practice, I learned from psychology and ability to work well in fully prepared to embark on, I sincerely hope that your house can become a medical research team in one, I will be noble medical ethics, passion services, dumping as far as I can, I can not keep on learning for your home health care contribute to a development, the realization of "life-saving, dedication, life" long-cherished wish. Finally, the grand cause ofףunit success!