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Dear leaders: Hello!
        I am a XX year of Obstetrics and Gynecology School of Medicine graduates. Into the medical cause of women suffering the disease has been my dream, Li Lian School of Medicine a few years the realization of a dream for me to lay a solid foundation for a more professional expertise to make a choice I made it clear goal: to be a maternity doctor. Heard so much about your house is a first-class technology, first-class services to win the community's recognition. In the information industries and knowledge-based industries of the era of highly integrated, hospital information to improve the processing capability of the international exchange of information with modern means to achieve the management of hospital information network. In this regard, I am Yang-screen. Is a real form of written, I presented to you, hope your house give me a chance to showcase their talents, and efforts to win glory for your house, as well as a round, I dream of saving lives.
        Choose a medical career and select medical institutions, life-saving knowledge determined to be inscribed in the hearts and beliefs. After entering university, I pay close attention to each day's accumulation of professional knowledge and the cultivation of basic skills, and continuously enrich the minds of their own. As a medical student, I actively sought the progress in terms of ideology, optimism up for a major to keep a clear understanding, do not fan the fear of difficulty, confidence, sense of responsibility. In capacity-building, the school actively participated in various activities outside the broad attempt to go to the countryside to the clinic several times in practice, we practice the science, and exercise capacity. Deep wings, flying horse has to have its own world. Scientific management of your hospital system and the concept of informed people choose; so I truly believe that your house is my informed choice. Finally, hospitalףrecruit more capable personnel to succeed! Sincerely, XXX would like to XX were XX years onҽѧרҵӢԼ